Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Resolution: Reassess Yourself

Its that time of the year when people draw out a list of preferences to achieve in the new year while eliminating the bad choices of the previous year.Most people get excited about the goodies the new year has to offer in the process forgeting the true essence of commitment to their resolutions.

I read in a cartoon column of a popular Nigerian newspaper recently,a dog was asking a cat the meaning of a new year resolution and the cat answered the dog by saying that it meant the things that you plan to achieve in the new year that you only follow in the first week of the year. This was a real wake up call for me,even though it was hillarious,but it gave me a reason to reassess myself.

So the theme for *the first year in a decade* 2011 should be: Reassess Yourself.Go all out; get exposed and loosen those boundaries. Some basic topics to be addressed are usually on fashion, love/relationship,finance and life generally.

In terms of fashion, if you are the type that dresses dull,try out somthing new and fun with bright colours,designs and patterns; and not forgetting, accessorise your outfit, its the 'cherry on the cake':-)

Relationships could be the most stressfull and time consuming engagement in a persons life because emotions are usually involved. So,it is better for single guys and girls to take their time before getting into any relationship, because if you rush in, you will rush out the same way.

Being independent this year should be a top priority because it is the determinant for a successfull resolution. Even though money is the root of all evil, poverty is also a sin. so, a good source of income not just from Daddy or Mummy will do the trick for you, especially if you are a student.

Above all, God. It is very important that you make God your top priority this year because, he is able and willing to do exceedingly and abundantly in your life. Live today for tomorrow. Every second, minute and hour must count this year. Like they say: Variety is the spice of life, allow a little spark in your life. Go out, meet intelligent people that you can benefit from and as well give back to, because life is about give and take. This will help you to become more exposed. As we all know life goes beyond the classroom. Polepole(Swahili) meaning: relax or; take things easy. Life na je je o!


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