Monday, April 29, 2013


Multi-tasking simply involves doing two or more things at the same time. You can have this ability when you adopt the “I can do it” spirit; and especially when you are not a lazy person. When you have a lot to do, whether at work, home, market; basically wherever you find yourself, the need to multi-task is very essential. Companies these days add this as one of the requirements for them to employ a new staff (i.e being proactive and ability to multi-task: they work hand in hand). No wonder women dominate major roles in companies these days… lol…yes I said so! As women, it has been our innate ability to multi-task. It all started in creation, when God decided that man needed an assistant, according to Genesis 2:18, “And the Lord God said, it is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him”. Even as a child, we are exposed to domestic chores that groom us for our future. That is how we have been able to handle the challenges we face daily both at home and at work. Alex asked me one night what I did before bed, and I replied that I cooked, ate and had my bath all at the same thing. He asked me how that was possible and I told him that he should ask his mother, who she has been taking care of her five boys all these years (that includes her husband). So that answers and clears all… In all, for everyone, do what you can as they come and plan ahead of time (be proactive)! This is to encourage the women out there, keep doing what you do and don’t be afraid to aim high because there is no limit to us. We are super women! We are indeed wonderfully and fearfully made indeed! *wink*