Thursday, April 18, 2013


I was asked this question recently and I discovered that I had no clue; nothing at all came to my mind; but really who asks such and i am purposed to answer that?! I’m sure that he expected me to say: God-fearing, kind, loving, tall, dark-skinned, maybe RICH lol. Who knows? We all have our various preferences when it comes to subjects like this. Some even paste wall papers by their bed-side so that they can dream about the guy or girl. Or even set targets for themselves. Nowadays, who has the time to make-up an ideal man or woman in his or her head? Fine, we all hope for a special person, but along the line things may change due to fact that change is the only constant thing. I’d say, why go through all the torture? Yes torture because you will indirectly hurt yourself keeping up with that. And yes, it may have worked out for “some” people, but are you really ready to go through all that. Really, I don’t expect anyone to ask me who my ideal guy is. Maybe when we eventually I’d know because my heart will tell me. The truth is that there is nothing like an ideal; even if there is, people tend to change overtime depending on what they are exposed to in life. The secret to identifying your ideal partner is when you get to know the person and share your life with the person there there’s this bond between you both; that even if you have a misunderstanding it doesn’t escalate beyond you two. Now, that is your ideal man or woman!

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